Preparing for your upcoming water change

The following instructions will guide you through the steps to take before we arrive to complete your water change.

If you have any questions please text our service line for assistance.

The Steps

Step 1:

Remove your filters.

Step 2:

Turn on all of your jet pumps.

Step 3:

Add a full bottle of Spa Marvel Cleanser (the green bottle) – we left you a bottle on our last visit!

Step 4:

Run your jets as much as possible for 24 hours – usually, they are on a 20 or 30-minute timer. You DO NOT need to wake up during the night to keep turning your jets on! Just keep them running as much as reasonably possible while you’re hanging around the house.

Step 5:

Do not go in your hot tub while the Cleanser is in there – we will be there within the week to change your water, clean your filters, and get your tub started back up!

Step 6:

The water will look cloudy. This is normal and can sit for a few days while waiting for us to get there. Do not worry about that! 😉

Step 7:

All done! Hang tight and we will be there to handle the rest.