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Presenting more rotational Jacuzzi® PowerPro™, a distinct high-back design, and an adjustable headrest, our J-400™ Collection delivers one of our best hydromassage experiences available. Stylish elegance is provided by premium lighting and a backlit waterfall.

J-400™ Designer Collection


Clean, simple lines frame the welcoming water of our newest product family. With our exclusive patent pending Infrared and Red Light therapy taking hydrotherapy to the next level, we’re leading the industry once again by creating the ultimate wellness experience.

J-LX Collection


Our Signature J-300™ Collection puts comfort at the forefront, featuring premium PowerPro® Jets, Hydrosoothe™ pillow, ergonomically-designed seating, and an advanced control panel. Ease of maintenance provided by CLEARRAY® On-Demand.

J-300™ Comfort Collection


The J-200™ Collection provides a complete hydromassage experience to relieve everyday stress at an everyday value. With thoughtful jet placement in ergonomic seating, LED backlit headrests, and stylish tool-free cabinetry with LED accent lighting, the models in the J-200™ Collection exceed strict California Energy Commission standards for stand-by power consumption.

J-200™ Collection


Everyone should have access to hydrotherapy, which is why we created the Jacuzzi® Play™ Collection. Brought to you by the brand that pioneered hydrotherapy, the Jacuzzi® Play™ Collection offers an affordable solution to make premium hydrotherapy a part of your daily ritual.

Jacuzzi® Play™ Collection

JACUZZI® Pre-Owned

Pre-owned Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs for all needs and locations. View now.

Jacuzzi® Pre-Owned


Jacuzzi Models | The Hot Tub Factory - Long Island Hot Tubs
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El Mick
El Mick
April 10, 2024
Wonderful experience with Rich, a knowledgeable and patient salesperson.
April 10, 2024
Really great people to work with! Easy, friendly and quick service.
Rory Giammarco
Rory Giammarco
April 6, 2024
Rich was bada bing wonderful
Karl Ekstrom
Karl Ekstrom
April 5, 2024
We saw Rich at the Hot Tub Factory. His wealth of knowledge and expertise was much appreciated when walking us through our purchase. Will definitely use him for all our future hot tub needs.
Francis Maringer
Francis Maringer
April 3, 2024
We ordered a replacement cover for our Jacuzzi hot tub. We did everything over the phone and internet. The technician came replaced the cover was very pleasant. And everything went smoothly. We purchased our Jacuzzi hot from the Hot tub factory nine years ago and have never had an issue. Replacing the cover was the first time we had service. We love our hot tub.
amanda borella
amanda borella
March 29, 2024
We just got done buying our new beautiful tub! We dealt with David. I normally don't post reviews, but felt he went the extra mile to make us have a great experience. Not sleazy salesman type, nice guy, spoke intelligently and easy to understand. No fluff, no nonsense. Really appreciated the approach. Would highly recommend anyone looking for high quality tub to go to this location and deal with David!
Hannah Williams
Hannah Williams
March 29, 2024
My family and I came in looking for a hot tub, and David assisted us and was great from start to finish! He was personable, transparent, thorough, and helped us to find the right tub that fit our needs. Would definitely refer him and the Hot Tub Factory to anyone looking for a good quality hot tub :)
Andy Dominey
Andy Dominey
March 29, 2024
Excellent service and super friendly staff!
Sami Pervaiz
Sami Pervaiz
March 29, 2024
Everyone is very helpful and knowledgeable, great experience working with them. Highly recommend.

Then there’s those times where you just want to shut the entire world off and empty out your brain. Imagine escaping to your backyard at night, by yourself, and just soaking the stress away, while you stare up at the stars? We promise, you’ve never experienced anything like it.

  • Heat dilates blood vessels to increase blood flow to sore or damaged tissue.
  • Buoyancy reduces body weight by 90%, relieving pressure on joints and muscles.
  • Massage works to relax muscles and relieve pressure on nerves.
  • Numerous independent studies have proven that a warm water massage stimulates the release of endorphins, the body’s natural “feel good” chemical. Your hot tub will enhance your sense of well being, and leave you feeling fresh, clean, and ready to tackle life’s daily challenges.

And what about when the kids go to bed? Wouldn’t you rather soak in a hot tub with your spouse than to sit on the couch and watch TV? Remember – no couple ever had an argument in a hot tub!

Family Time

These days, we are all running in different directions, and sometimes we’re lucky if we see our spouse or kids for ½ hour before bedtime. Many families don’t even have time to eat together. However, families that have hot tubs find that it brings everyone together like nothing else can. You’d be surprised how much your kids suddenly love hanging out with you when there’s a hot tub involved!

Athletic Training

Both professional and “weekend” athletes can use their hot tubs to aid in repairing sore muscles and injuries. Neck and back pain, sports injuries, muscle pulls, spasms and soreness are often eased simply by a quick dip in your hot tub.

Your hot tub can also be used as preventive medicine. According to an article in Tennis Magazine, “When you immerse yourself in the hot water of a whirlpool, the temperature of your skin and muscles rise, causing blood vessels to dilate and thus increasing blood flow to the skin and muscles. Turn on the jets and the pulsating water massages the skin, increasing blood flow even more. The result? Your skin and muscles loosen and relax from the increased blood circulation.”

You can improve your athletic performance by using your hot tub both before and after you exercise:

Before You Exercise. Soaking in a hot tub before exercising relaxes your body and loosens muscles, making exercise easier and reducing the risk of injury. A pre-exercise soak will also help improve performance. In fact, some golfers swear it has actually taken a couple of strokes off their game.

After You Exercise: Soaking in a hot tub after exercising is a great way to wind down and relax your muscles. The hot, swirling water embraces you… massaging your neck, shoulders, arms, back, thighs, calves, and feet. But most importantly, hot tub use after you exercise will greatly reduce or even eliminate the stiffness typically felt the next day.

Note: If you have a sports injury, consult with your physician before using a hot tub. It is often necessary to treat swollen areas with cold first. You doctor will likely advise you to avoid hot water until swelling of an injury has subsided. When the swelling is gone, the massaging action of a hot tub will generally help speed the healing process.

Cardiovascular Health

A study at the Mayo Clinic found that since soaking in your hot tub simulates exercise, it gives you the same health benefits of exercise – with less stress to the heart! A hot tub increases the heart rate while lowering blood pressure, instead of raising it as other forms of exercise do.

A recent medical article titled “Mayo Clinic OK’s Spas for Heart Patients” indicates that hot tubs may not present a risk to heart patients as previously thought. The report stated that relaxing in a spa might actually be less stressful to your heart than working out on an exercise bicycle.

Cardio: The research, led by Dr. Thomas G. Allison, examined the body temperature and cardiovascular stress experienced by 15 patients at risk for heart disease both in hot water and on bicycles. The studies showed that exercise caused blood pressure to rise from an average of 121/73 to 170/84. By contrast, sitting in a spa made the blood pressure drop from an average of 117/77 to 106/61. The article also states that hot tub use will raise heart rates 25.7 beats per minute.

Important Note: We strongly urge anyone who is at risk for heart disease to consult with his or her physician before entering a hot tub.


The link between stress and illness should be of interest to anyone concerned with their health. We all have stress in our daily lives relating to work, family and society. Mental tensions, frustrations and insecurity are among the most damaging types of stress.

Stress: Affected by stress, the heart works harder, breathing becomes more rapid and shallow, and digestion slows. Nearly every process of the body is degraded. Researchers have estimated that 80% of disease is stress related. Since we usually can’t avoid it, the key to dealing with stress is relieving it!

A soothing and relaxing soak in a hot tub can help counteract stress and its effects on the human body. It is the perfect antidote to a hectic and stressful lifestyle.

In a hot tub, three key elements combine to create a therapeutic, stress-relieving environment: heat, buoyancy, and massage.


Recent studies published in the September 16, 1999 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine give new hope to the millions who suffer from diabetes. It stated that “hot tub therapy” helped a group of Type 2 diabetics reduce their blood sugar levels and improve sleep patterns.

Diabetes: An independent study led by Dr. Philip L. Hooper at the McKee Medical Center in Loveland, Colorado studied a group of Type 2 diabetes patients for three weeks. The patients were required to soak in a hot tub for thirty minutes a day, six days a week, for the duration of the study. The results were astounding! The patients’ average blood sugar levels were reduced by an average of 13 percent, and one of the subjects was able to reduce his daily dose of insulin by 18 percent after only ten days of the study.

In reference to these findings, Dr. Hooper states that hot tubs are especially helpful for patients who are unable to exercise, and recommends that hot tub treatments should be included as regular therapy for patients with diabetes.

Important Note: It is highly recommended that those with diabetes consult with their physicians prior to beginning hot tub treatments.

Back Pain/Muscle Injuries

Ask anyone who owns one and they will tell you that they feel better after using their hot tub. And there’s always been anecdotal evidence that the hot water and jets of a spa relieve back pain.

In 1995, a study published in the British Journal of Rheumatology offered evidence that hot tub therapy has both short– and long–term benefits for people with lower back pain. A later study, published in the Journal of Rheumatology by a group of researchers in France, showed that after three weeks of consistent hot tub therapy, examinations showed more improvement in the health status (as measured in pain duration and intensity and back flexibility) of the spa treatment group than of the medication-only group. After six months, significant improvement continued in the spa therapy group. In addition, their use of analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs had decreased.

The preceding research information was featured in the March–April 1996 issue of Arthritis Today.

Sleep Disorders

Did you know that relaxing in a hot tub can help ease your body into a deeper sleep? According to a recent poll by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), approximately 132 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders. This number is on the rise as evidenced by the growing number of sleep disorder centers across the nation (approximately 3,000 in the U.S. today).

Sleep researchers believe that many cases of insomnia can be traced to hectic, stressful lifestyles lived by basically healthy people. The results of sleep deprivation are varied and can include battered nerves, grogginess, lapses in memory, depression, and even erratic mood swings. Rather than reaching for over–the–counter sleeping aids, a simple solution to this dilemma may be relaxing in a hot tub before bedtime. Studies suggest that soaking in hot tub before bedtime can ease the transition into a deeper, more restful sleep. This may be due to a temperature shift, since the body’s core internal thermostat drops after leaving the water, which signals the body that it’s time to sleep. Or, the sleep improvement may be related to hot water’s relaxing properties – the buoyancy of water reduces body weight by approximately 90%, relieving pressure on joints and muscles, creating the sensation of weightlessness. The hot, swirling water leaves you feeling both mentally and emotionally relaxed.

In addition, hot tub–induced sleep is a natural remedy, unlike alternative sleeping aids such as prescription drugs, over–the–counter remedies and alcohol – all of which can make you feel groggy and have other adverse side effects.


Approximately 43 million people in the United States suffer from some form of arthritis pain. The good news for these victims is that there are safe and effective ways to both minimize the discomfort and prevent further damage.

According to The Arthritis Foundation, “Regular sessions in your hot tub help keep joints moving. It restores and preserves strength and flexibility, and also protects your joints from further damage. A hot tub fulfills the need perfectly . . . providing the warmth, massage, and buoyancy that is so necessary to the well-being of arthritis sufferers. The buoyancy of the water supports and lessens stress on the joints and encourages freer movement.”

Italian researchers recorded in the Journal of Investigative Medicine in 1998 that the level of inflammatory agents that cause arthritis pain and joint destruction fell after three weeks of hot tub therapy.

A hot tub takes a lot of time to maintain

A hot tub takes a lot less time than a pool. For starters, it’s covered whenever you’re not using it. So you don’t get anything falling in it like dirt and leaves. That means no skimming or vacuuming. Also, it doesn’t get rainwater falling in it, which can mess up your pH & alkalinity levels, as well as other water–balancing chemicals. If you’re spending more than 5 minutes per week on your hot tub, you’re doing something wrong. See how easy it is to maintain >>.

Myth: More horsepower means a better massage

More horsepower means a bigger electric bill! That’s all it means. Many hot tub companies put massive motors in their tubs…5, 6 or even 7hp. Notice we didn’t say massive pumps….we said massive motors.

A hot tub pump consists of an electric motor, which spins an impeller in the wet end, which pushes the water. Like all electric motors, their strength is rated in horsepower. For some reason, many hot tub companies decided to focus on this rating as though it makes a difference in your massage. If the tub is engineered properly, it shouldn’t take alot of horsepower to push the water.

With that in mind, what you’re really looking for in a pump is not the horsepower of the motor, but the water volume output of the wet end, which is measured in gallons-per-minute (GPM). That’s what you’re feeling on your back when you’re in your tub. Our pumps push 170GPM, which is almost twice the industry average of

80 – 110. The plumbing in our tubs is designed and engineered so that we can use less horsepower (less electric bill!), while delivering massive water flow to the jets.

Myth: The more jets, the better

Many hot tub companies have nothing unique to offer, so they try to impress you by stuffing 150 jets into their tubs. Once you understand what the jets are there for, you’ll realize how silly that is.

The purpose of the jets is to massage your muscles. Nothing more, nothing less. With that in mind, more jets means absolutely nothing. In fact, there’s only so much room on the shell to put jets, so the more jets, the smaller they need to be to fit! You’ll notice that tubs with 80, 100, or even more jets tend to have little tiny jets which are quite annoying when they’re hitting your skin. Each muscle in your body responds differently, and requires different types of pressure.

In our hot tubs, each seat has a specific therapeutic purpose, and each jet is specially sized and placed to hit a certain muscle the way it needs to be hit, so you get the therapy you’re looking for. So don’t worry about how many jets our tubs have, just know that they were built to give you the massage of your life!

Hot tubs are only for the rich & famous

Hot tubs come in all shapes, sizes and prices. While there are definitely tubs that can equate to a small mortgage, we carry a lot of great tubs that anyone can afford. We also offer many convenient layaway and financing programs. And don’t forget, many people spend much more than this on a pool, which you can only use for 10– 12 weeks per year. A hot tub is used all 12 months of the year.

Myth: Hot tubs are not sanitary

A hot tub is actually more sanitary than a pool, because the filtration system is not much smaller than a pool, yet it’s handling much less water…400 gallons versus tens of thousands. There are many different methods for keeping the water sanitized. The most common is chlorine or bromine.

Some of our tubs use a combination of silver ion cartridges and a patented purification system (NOT an “ozonator”). This system is not only patented, but approved by the FDA and UL listed for safety! It makes the tub 90% chemical free.

We also have hot tubs with salt sanitation systems. Salt systems have become very popular in pools over the past few years, and we are the only ones on Long Island that have a salt system for hot tubs.

Myth: I will need to run plumbing lines into my yard

Our hot tubs are fully self-contained units. All equipment is located within the cabinet of the tub. All you need to do is hook up the electric, fill it with a hose, and turn it on.

Myth: Running a hot tub through the winter will cost me a fortune:

There are many tubs on the market that will prove this to be true. Lesser quality tubs can easily cost over $100/month to run. However, our tubs are among the most energy efficient in the world. This is due to many factors:

  • Full foam insulation, just like a commercial freezer.
  • High quality covers that seal tightly around the edges, and have heat seals around the edges and at the seam.
  • Expertly-engineered plumbing that allows for smaller motors, which draw less energy, yet pump almost twice the volume (gallons per minute) than most of the competitors. After all, when you’re sitting in the tub, what you’re feeling on your back is not horsepower, but water volume, or gallons per minute.
  • 84% of the heat generated by the pumps is transferred into the water, giving you free heat.
  • In the middle of winter, if you shut the power off, our tubs will only lose 1 degree per day. Now that’s insulation!!

We’re glad you asked! We are the only hot tub dealer on Long Island that has a risk-free guarantee. We call it our Permission to Relax Guarantee. When you buy a tub from us, you can return it within 60 days of delivery to your home. Or, if you simply decide you want a different model, you can exchange it within 6 months of delivery.


You’ll spend a total of 2.5 minutes per week maintaining your hot tub (give or take the .5). You can click the link below to see our full maintenance instructions, but basically, you’ll just need to toss a small amount of chlorine into the water once per week, and depending on how often you use your tub, you’ll have to toss in a little non-chlorine shock once or twice per week. Then, once per month you’ll simply hose off the filters. That’s it!

See how easy it is to maintain


This goes back to the old joke “Honey, I stopped off at the store to get a box of nails, and look what I got! A hot tub!”

If you’re thinking of buying a hot tub, and they’re selling milk in the next aisle, we would ask you to rethink your game plan a bit.

A hot tub is not a “throw-away” item. It’s not about finding the cheapest price. A hot tub is an investment in your home, and you should be able to enjoy it hassle-free for 20 – 25 years.

When you buy a cheap tub at a big-box retail chain, you’re getting a product that was manufactured specifically for them, and a lot of corners have been cut in the manufacturing process in order to keep the cost down. Specifically, here are some common issues:

  • Very little or no insulation, which leads to huge electric bills.
  • Very poor plumbing connections, which leads to a lot of leaks.
  • Weak cabinet frames, which leads to structural problems.
  • Thin, poorly stretched shells, which leads to cracks.

In addition to these quality issues, who are you going to call when you have an issue? The 16yr old girl at the customer service counter? She may be very nice, but not much of a help with your problems.

Here’s some final thoughts on this issue: First, big-box retailers have already caused several manufacturers to file chapter 11, because they’re trying to sell hot tubs way below where they need to be to be profitable. That leaves thousands of very frustrated customers with no warranty! Second, big-box stores have a 40% rate of return. That speaks for itself. If you’re going to invest in a hot tub, come to a professional dealer who knows hot tubs.


Here’s where a little extra research and a little extra money at the onset can pay off. There are many lesser quality tubs on the market that will easily cost over $100/month to run. However, our tubs are among the most energy efficient in the world. This is due to many factors:

  • Full foam insulation, just like a commercial freezer.
  • High quality covers that seal tightly around the edges, and have heat seals around the edges and at the seam.
  • Expertly-engineered plumbing that allows for smaller motors, which draw less energy, yet pump almost twice the volume (gallons per minute) than most of the competitors. After all, when you’re sitting in the tub, what you’re feeling on your back is not horsepower, but water volume, or gallons per minute.
  • 84% of the heat generated by the pumps is transferred into the water, giving you free heat.
  • In the middle of winter, if you shut the power off, our tubs will only lose 1 degree per day. Now that’s insulation!!

Because of these quality features, your hot tub will only cost about $25 – $30/month. We guarantee you’re spending more than that on coffee!


For starters, there’s nothing to “install”. Your hot tub will be professionally delivered by our professional delivery team, and placed exactly where you want it. This is a job for professionals, and you don’t want your buddies playing “moving-guys” with your several-thousand-dollar investment. We have special trailers and equipment specifically designed to move hot tubs. Most models will require a dedicated 220v circuit. Any licensed electrician can easily do this for you if you don’t know how to do it yourself. Once this is done, all you’ll need to do is stick a hose in the tub and hit the “on” button! Check out the video above to see how a tub is delivered.


It’s a good idea to try out different locations before deciding on a spot. Take a chair around with you and sit down in several areas that you might be considering. You might notice things that didn’t occur to you before, like noise, obstructed views, or a clear view from the neighbor’s kitchen window. Don’t forget to check out the view above! Can you see the stars? Are you looking at the trees?

We highly encourage you to keep it close to your house. It may look beautiful in the summer if it’s out by your pool, but what’s going to happen in the middle of January when it’s 22 degrees out? You’ll probably end up not using it, and that’s the best time of year!

If you plan to place it on a deck, be sure that the deck can support the weight of the filled tub. Wherever you decide to put it, be sure that you’ve measured in advance, and that it will actually FIT. When your hot tub is delivered, you need to have the area prepared and ready.

If you plan to put your tub inside, you’ll need to place it in a room or other area with adequate ventilation, and preferably a tile floor. No matter how hard you try to keep the water in the tub, some is bound to get splashed out, or dripped across the floor after exiting the tub. Keep in mind that humidity can be an issue also.

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