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Hot Tub Factory Service Areas

Hot Tub Factory Service Areas

Hot Tubs in East Meadow

The Hot Tub Factory located at 609 Sunrise Hwy, in Bellmore, is by far the best location for you to travel to if you [...]

Hot Tubs in Lawrence

The Hot Tub Factory located at 609 Sunrise Hwy in Bellmore has been around since 2005 with every intent of providing you with the best [...]

Hot Tubs in Massapequa

Hot tubs in Massapequa have become a trend the past several years. Thankfully, The Hot Tub Factory located at 609 Sunrise Hwy, in Bellmore, [...]

Hot Tubs in Oceanside

The Hot Tub Factory located at 609 Sunrise Hwy in Bellmore has everything you need and more for hot tubs in Oceanside. If you [...]

Hot Tubs in Garden City

In 2005, The Hot Tub Factory made its opening debut and then in 2007 it switched hands to Norm and Mat and since then [...]

Hot Tubs in Port Washington

Do you have an interest in hot tubs in Port Washington? Have you ever wondered about renting a hot tub instead of buying one? [...]

Hot Tubs in Rockville Centre

With amazing deals and even better offers The Hot Tub Factory located at 609 Sunrise Hwy in Bellmore is the top ranking hot tub provider [...]

Hot Tubs in Seaford

If you are looking around to add a bit of flair to your backyard, especially if you are interested in hot tubs in Seaford, [...]

Hot Tubs In Syosset

The distance between Bellmore and Syosset is roughly 13 minutes. This is why if you are a homeowner inquiring about hot tubs in Syosset, The [...]

Hot Tubs in Massapequa Park

Have you seen a growth of Hot tubs in Massapequa Park and now have the itch to purchase one yourself? The Hot Tub Factory [...]

Hot Tubs Island Park

The Hot Tub Factory now also located in Bellmore is the perfect location for you if you are shopping hot tubs Island Park. Servicing [...]

Hot Tubs Lynbrook

With the weather breaking and Spring just around the corner isn’t it time to transition your backyard into that perfect relaxation getaway?  What do [...]

Hot Tubs Franklin Square

Are you exhausted when you come home from work lately? You feel like you just want to take a break from the world for [...]

Hot Tubs Freeport

Good news if you are on the hunt for Hot Tubs Freeport! The Hot Tub Factory is now located right next door. Yes, we [...]

Hot Tubs Kings Point

Did you know that the original hot tub jacuzzi was created to be a therapeutic option to help treat rheumatoid arthritis? In 1956, the [...]

Hot Tubs North Hempstead

It is common for many people to consider the possibility of Hot Tubs North Hempstead. And why not? The weather is finally breaking, and [...]

Hot Tubs Oyster Bay

Are you aware of the history of hot tubs Oyster Bay? The first use of a hot tub was with calderas. Hot stones were [...]

Hot Tubs Roslyn

For many years, Mike and Norm have been the proud owners of The Hot Tub Factory. Originally located solely in Bohemia NY, they have [...]

Hot Tubs Mineola

Hot Tubs Myths, Solved By The Hot Tub Factory There are many myths regarding owning and maintaining Hot Tubs Mineola. Well, we here at [...]

Hot Tubs Locust Valley

The team at The Hot Tub Factory are pleased and excited to announce the opening of our second location. Not only are we in [...]

Hot Tubs Bellmore

It’s the winter season, and what better way to go through the frosty weather but consider one of our high-quality hot tubs Bellmore from [...]

Hot Tubs Syosset

Now is your perfect opportunity to purchase that hot tub you have been debating on getting. The Hot Tub Factory located at 1601 Lakeland [...]

Hot Tubs Sea Cliff

There are many places you can go to for the quick purchase of hot tubs – Sea Cliff. Not one of those places can [...]

Hot Tubs Garden City

The sun is going down earlier and earlier with each passing day. Fall has hit. It is getting cooler and eventually the leaves will [...]

Hot Tubs Old Westbury

Common myths about a hot tub have a tendency to frighten potential customers. But we at The Hot Tub Factory are here to give [...]

Hot Tubs Oceanside

The purpose of The Hot Tub Factory located at 1601 Lakeland Ave Bohemia NY, is to show case the amazing perks of owning a [...]

Hot Tubs Great Neck

The Hot Tub Factory located at 1601 Lakeland Ave Bohemia is New York’s leading retailer for hot tubs – Great Neck, specializing in Jacuzzi Brand [...]

Hot Tubs Glen Head

Money is tight now a days. It leads to unwanted and unnecessary stress. Hot tubs - Glen Head have been proven to relieve stress [...]

Hot Tubs East Rockaway

The Hot Tub Factory located at 1601 Lakeland Ave Bohemia NY was sort out by two best friends, Mike and Norm. In 2005 The [...]

Hot Tubs Malverne

Have you during the summer taken a look at your backyard and thought “I have everything needed but something is missing” and then you [...]

Hot Tubs Westbury

Living in Westbury is an exciting time. There is a lot to do and see in the area and many people love their jobs [...]

Hot Tubs Woodbury

The Hot Tub Factory is a company that has a lot of selection for you to choose from. You can pick from all types [...]

Hot Tubs West Hempstead

When you want to get a great hot tub, you will want to look into the Hot Tub Factory. Their website is filled with [...]

Hot Tubs Bayville

When you live in the Bayville area, you will love to have a hot tub to relax after working all day. Since you deserve [...]

Hot Tubs in East Meadows

Living in East Meadows is fun and exciting but there are also times that you want to just relax. This is when you want [...]

Hot Tubs Wantagh

Having a hot tub is really a wonderful thing as it will let you relax at the end of a hard day of work [...]

Hot Tubs Cedarhurst

Living in Cedarhurst will be a good time for you. You will get to work at a job that you will enjoy and then, [...]

Hot Tubs Woodmere

If you live in Woodmere, then you know that it is a great place to live and work. You will always be busy but [...]

Hot Tubs Baldwin

There are many reasons why people love to have hot tubs. They enjoy relaxing in them after a long hard day of work. Since [...]

Hot Tubs New Hyde Park

When you purchase one of our hot tubs New Hyde Park, you're making an investment in yourself, and those you love for decades to [...]

Hot Tubs Merrick

Imagine working a long, strenuous day only to come home, plop on the couch, and turn the TV into a state of numbness, knowing [...]

Hot Tubs Manhasset

Why should you choose The Hot Tub Factory for your next hot tub purchase? Our mission is for everyone to find relaxation & achieve [...]

Hot Tubs Hempstead

As an athlete or active person, it is important to get the proper physical therapy to rejuvenate your joints before and after performing physical [...]

Hot Tubs Glen Cove

When making any purchase, one has a goal in mind as to how great the benefits involved may be for them and their loved [...]

Hot Tubs Bethpage

Many hot tubs owners can agree that the benefits of buying a hot tubs Bethpage have far exceeded their expectations! Not only is a [...]

Jacuzzi® Montauk

If you have a great backyard but would like to add a Jacuzzi® Montauk to make it complete, you really should consider going with [...]

Jacuzzi® Manorville

If you’re in the market to purchase a Jacuzzi® Manorville and aren’t sure where to go, visiting The Hot Tub Factory is a fantastic [...]

Jacuzzi® Huntington

Are you currently considering purchasing a Jacuzzi® Huntington? If so, you should go to The Hot Tub Factory! They have many different models to [...]

Hot Tubs Southampton

Perhaps you’re at a place in your life where you’d like to enrich your down time after a hard day’s work. You have some [...]

Jacuzzi® Southampton

id you know that the Hot Tub Factory has a wonderful selection of Jacuzzi® Southampton hot tubs? Jacuzzi started the entire hot tub craze [...]

Jacuzzi® Smithtown

Jacuzzi® Smithtown is just one of the brands of hot tubs available at the Hot Tub Factory. The Hot Tub Factory has been helping [...]

Jacuzzi® Sayville

When searching for a hot tub Jacuzzi® Sayville, know that the Hot Tub Factory has a plethora of styles for you to choose from. [...]

Jacuzzi® Rocky Point

When searching for a Jacuzzi® Rocky Point, come and see all the models to choose from at the Hot Tub Factory. We are conveniently [...]

Jacuzzi® Levittown

When searching for a Jacuzzi® Levittown, come on down to the Hot Tub Factory. We are conveniently located right off Sunrise Highway in Bohemia. [...]

Jacuzzi® Deer Park

The Hot Tub Factory carries a full line of hot tubs manufactured by Jacuzzi, offering beautiful options for a Jacuzzi® Deer Park. The Hot [...]

Hot Tubs Montauk

The Hot Tub Factory located on Lakeland Avenue in Bohemia offers you a variety of Hot Tubs Montauk. We carry name brands such as [...]

Hot Tubs Deer Park

The Hot Tub Factory offers many different styles and makes of Hot Tubs Deer Park. They are of brands you know and trust such [...]

Hot Tubs Huntington

Did you know that Long Island chose The Hot Tub Factory as their top choice in all Hot Tubs Huntington companies? We sell the [...]

Hot Tubs Levittown

Did you know that all Hot Tubs Levittown act as more than just a form of relaxation? When we acquired the Hot Tub Factory [...]

Hot Tubs Manorville

There are a lot of myths surrounding purchasing, owning and maintaining Hot Tubs Manorville. With us at The Hot Tub Factory, we’ll put those [...]

Hot Tubs Port Jefferson

At The Hot Tub Factory, cleaning and maintaining Hot Tubs Port Jefferson will be a thing of the past! With our services, you’ll spend [...]

Hot Tubs Rocky Point

Did you know that every jet in all Hot Tubs Rocky Point act as a form of massage therapy? Massage works to relax muscles [...]

Hot Tub Maintenance 101

Nothing better than sinking into a nice relaxing hot tub at the end of the day and letting all the stress melt away. While [...]

Ways a Hot Tub Improves Your Life

Many hot tub owners swear by the physical, mental and family relationship benefits of their hot tubs. Not only are they great for relieving [...]

Hot Tubs & Muscle Therapy

Hot tubs offer a relaxing, warm-water environment that combines buoyancy and massaging jets, making them a practical and well-used tool for many types of [...]

Health Benefits of Hot Tubs

Hot tubs are a good way for you relax after a stressful day of work or after a long grueling work out. There are [...]

Cleaning Your Hot Tub

Spas and hot tubs are fairly self-regulating; and don’t require a major time investment to maintain. However, to keep your spa in top condition [...]

How Long Will My Hot Tub Last For?

Many people interested in buying a hot tub or spa spend hours researching the perfect one. If you are considering making a purchase, it [...]

Hot Tub Water Temperature

Potential hot tub owners should know some of the basics of hot tub temperatures before purchasing and installing one so we are here to [...]

Common Myths About Hot Tubs

Myth: Running a hot tub through the winter will cost me a fortune: Fact: There are many tubs on the market that will prove [...]

Hot Tub Questions

Do you have a question? Got a Question? Type it in the box and we’ll send you the answer by [...]

Clearwater Spas

Clearwater has been making hot tubs for 35 years. They are committed to protecting the environment and making hot tubs that are extremely energy efficient and conserve our natural resources. The floors are made with 100% recycled ABS, and they recycle 100% of their wood, plastic and cardboard waste.

Dimension One

Dimension One Spas is the industry leader in hot tub technology. With over 30 years in business, they don’t believe in doing what’s always been done, or copying what others are doing. That’s why they hold over 30 patents, more than any other hot tub manufacturer.


Jacuzzi® is the name that defines the hot tub experience. Social and private, fun and relaxing, Jacuzzi completely satisfies and leaves you wanting more. Known for innovation, Jacuzzi is the company that started the modern hot tub industry.

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