About Life’s Great Spa

Life’s Great spas is an American Owned/Made Hot Tub That utilizes the finest American manufactured components in the Spa hot tub industry today . Because of our Quality manufacturing process, our talented and hard working staff, and our ability to build a well designed, superior performing product, at an affordable price, Life’s Great Spas is one of the fastest growing Spa manufactures Today.

Life’s Great Spa Models

  • LG347
  • LG447
  • LG575
  • LG585
  • LG626
  • LG631
  • LG634
  • LG665
  • LG680
  • LG681
  • LG740
  • LG752
  • LG755
  • LG765
  • LG770
  • LG782
  • LG857
  • LG864

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Our Bohemia Location

Service Areas
  • 1601 Lakeland Ave
    Bohemia, New York 11716

Our Nassau Location

The Hot Tub Factory
  • 609 Sunrise Hwy
    Bellmore, NY 11710