Potential hot tub owners should know some of the basics of hot tub temperatures before purchasing and installing one so we are here to help give you some of the basics of hot tub water temperatures that not everyone knows. It is important to know the basics before entering your hot tub because you do not want to hurt yourself. The typical hot tub is somewhere between 100-102 degrees. The highest temperature any hot tub should be is 104 degrees. It is common for the hot tubs at the Hot Tub Factory to not allow you to exceed 104 degrees.

Maintaining the Water Temperature

Finding the right temperature can be different for everyone. Some may prefer it to be the maximum of 104 degrees while some may want it a little cooler than the suggested 100-102 degrees. It is important to find the right water temperature for you and your family and friends to help keep everyone happy.

While you may think turning down the temperature of the water while you are not using your hot tub can save energy, it actually does not save that much energy if you use your hot tub consistently. If you are using your hot tub consistently, you will actually save more money by simply keeping it the same temperature. However, if you are planning on going on vacation and not using it for several weeks or even months, it would be a good idea to turn the temperature down.

Health Concerns

Spending time in hot water for too long can be dangerous for some people. If you have health conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or other serious illnesses, it would be smart to turn down the temperature before entering. You do not want to be exposed to hot water for too long.

Children & Hot Tubs

Children do not have the same tolerance to heat that adults have so it is wise to not let your children to stay in hot tubs for too long. Yes, being in a hot tub can be a relaxing feeling however, it is important to have good judgment of your own health. Find the right temperature for the water for your children but don’t let them stay in there for too long!

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