Nothing better than sinking into a nice relaxing hot tub at the end of the day and letting all the stress melt away. While buoyancy, heat, and circulation do a lot to soothe aching muscles and ease stress, relaxation starts with this first basic step: crystal-clear water.

Listed below are some helpful tips on water care to ensure your soaks always begin at their best:

Hot Tub Maintenance – Balance

Balance is key when maintaining the harmony of your home spa. Test your water with a kit or strips at least once a week to gauge total alkalinity and pH. The results will determine whether you need to use our Spa pH Up or Spa Alkalinity Down products to balance the levels in your tub.

Hot Tub Maintenance – Sanitize

Keeping your water pure begins with keeping it sanitized. Chlorine and bromide, used properly, will leave your tub smelling and looking fresh.

Hot Tub Maintenance – Clean

Proper upkeep can extend the life of your equipment and the cleanliness of your hot tub. Make sure to clean your filters once a month. Our Filter Flosser filter cleaner and filter debris bags simplify the process and are easy to use.

Hot Tub Maintenance – Replacement Parts

Replacing failed or struggling spa equipment helps to keep your unit in good working order. Maintenance is easy and affordable, which saves you money in the long run in addition to ensuring a safe, hygienic environment for your family.

Hot Tub Maintenance – Refilling The Tub

Draining and refilling your hot tub every few months will make it easier to balance PH, keep your filters clear, and minimize the use of sanitizers. Refreshing your water has the added benefit of allowing you to wash your home spa shell, so the whole tub is shining and spotless.

Hot Tub Maintenance – Protect From The Elements

A spa cover will guard your investment against weathering by the sun or rain. It also helps to keep your water clean, bright, and sanitary. Maintaining your cover is as important as maintaining your hot tub, so be sure to scrub and rinse it to keep it in top condition.

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