Purchasing a spa is an investment that should not be treated lightly. If you need help deciding on the right hot tub or spa, consider these factors that can play a role in which spa you decide on.

How many people do you think will use the spa?

For many people, soaking in a spa is a great way to relax and be romantic with your significant other. Yet, there are some people who want to have their whole family gather in the warm, bubbly water for fun.

Determining how many people you would like to fit in your spa will help you figure out which spa make and model is best for you. Some spas generally can seat up to four people comfortably, while others can fit up to eight.

What seating types would you prefer?

Many hot tubs and spas offer both lounge seats and upright seating. Lounge seating is a great way to relax your body by fully reclining in the spa. Most spa layouts offer one lounge seat. Dual lounge seats are offered by some models and, if you are interested in reclined seating, you can find a few spas with three or more lounge seats.

Additionally, some spas offer all upright seats, which allows for a higher capacity and an open space. Consider what matters most to you in seating layouts – complete relaxation with reclined seats, space for moving around or a mixture of everything.

What kind of jet settings would you like?

Everyone loves the massage-like feeling that comes from spa jets. If you have severe leg and back issues, jets can provide serious relief to sore joints and muscles. Many spas have pressure controls that let you choose the jet setting that matches your comfort level.

Options for spa jet settings include rhythmic pulsating, steady, swirling, and oscillating streams. All of these produce a different massage sensation. Before you buy, test the jets out in the store.

Are you interested in energy efficient spas?

While original price can be a major deciding factor for your new spa, there are also heating and maintaining costs to consider. It’s important to shop for a well-designed, well-insulated, energy-efficient spa that will help you save on monthly operating costs.

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