There are many places you can go to for the quick purchase of hot tubs – Sea Cliff. Not one of those places can match up with The Hot Tub Factory in Bohemia though.

Our reputation and recommendations hold a higher value than a sale. We are committed to making sure our hot tubs are of the best quality for their new owner. Along with our “permission to RELAX” guarantee. No other facility has a promise such as ours.

Get Hot Deals On Hot Tubs In Sea Cliff

The Hot Tub Factory guarantees three main things, money back, an exchange, and a free move. To view this in detail visit our website and click on “About Us” and then click “Our Guarantee”. Hot tubs – Sea Cliffs are a beautiful extension to your home. The value of owning one is greater than the value of a pool. Yes, a pool is fun and great during the summer, but how many pools here on the Island do you know about that can stay open all year long?

Not many unless you are at a hotel with an indoor pool or a friend that has a heated pool. Even with that, the expense and upkeep are unbelievable. Owning a hot tub is fairly inexpensive and maintenance is a breeze.

There is nothing wrong with being a pool owner either. But take into consideration the perks of a hot tub. The use it all year, for family time, it is great for entertainment with your gatherings (following the guidelines of course), and it is a great way to just relax by yourself after a stressful day.

Another perk about purchasing one of our amazing hot tubs –Sea Cliff is the great deals we have all the time. Visit our webpage to see what we are offering right now! We also offer 0% financing for the first 60 months with any new hot tub or spa. That’s a great money saver!

Not to mention the energy saver you will experience with our full foam insulated hot tub. This helps keep the temperature of water stay at the desired temperature which during the winter months is great because you can turn off the power and still use the hot tub at the desired temp. Just note however eventually to get your water back to your desired level you will have to turn it back on. Eventually though, because the water temp does drop by 1 degree every day.

Find Hot Tubs For Sale Near Sea Cliff

We at the Hot Tub Factory are full of information and helpful tips for you the potential customer; whether it is on our website or by one of our team members. You can always call us at 631-468-8827 with any questions, or if you are interested in viewing our showroom that is located in Bohemia we are open for a walk-through. Don’t feel comfortable with coming in?

Not a problem, we can schedule a virtual walk-through. You will not miss out on anything this way either. Have all your questions ready for us and we will not open wow you with having all the answers but the showroom will wow you as well.

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