At The Hot Tub Factory, cleaning and maintaining Hot Tubs Port Jefferson will be a thing of the past! With our services, you’ll spend a total of 2.5 minutes per week maintaining your hot tub! Yes, you read that correctly!

The average hot tub owner shouldn’t have to spend more than a few minutes per week maintaining their spa. But many do for several reasons. If you’ve purchased your hot tub from anywhere other than The Hot Tub Factory, you may be in for some massive maintenance. In comparison to our other competition, we’re the only Long Island-based hot tub company that stands by our products.

When you buy a cheap tub at a big-box retail chain, that product was manufactured specifically for them. Unfortunately, a lot of corners have been cut in the manufacturing process in order to keep the cost down. With us, we don’t cut any corners! Basically, you’ll just need to toss a small amount of chlorine into the water once per week. Depending on how often you use your tub, you’ll have to toss in a little non-chlorine shock once or twice per week.

Then, once per month you’ll simply hose off the filters. That’s it!

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Are you searching for ways to maintain your hot tub but still want to be cost and time-conscious? At The Hot Tub Factory, we offer a SpaClean option! This is definitely the most convenient way to maintain your hot tub! Fill out the form on our user-friendly website and you’ll receive automatic deliveries on all spa parts and treatments. The SpaClean delivery option includes: spa chemicals, filters, mineral cartridges, UV bulbs, and our Spa Marble treatment.

A lot of people have a misunderstanding about how easy it is to maintain their Hot Tubs Port Jefferson. Hopefully all of the information on our website will make your life a lot easier! Dimension One has a patented sanitation system built into their tubs, called the Ultrapure Water Management System. Jacuzzi has a proprietary system called ClearRay. These systems allow you to use virtually no chlorine. It also allows you to go much longer in between water changes.

The Hot Tub Factory services and repairs all brands of Hot Tubs Port Jefferson and spas. We have our own service techs and vans so nothing is outsourced! No job is too big or too small! Hot tub repair, hot tub service, spa repair, or spa service; we will handle it right the first time! Just fill out the brief form online, and we will contact you to arrange a service call. There is absolutely no obligation by submitting this form. It’s just an opportunity for us to make your hot tub repair as quick and painless as possible. After all, we want nothing more than to help you relax and be healthy!

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For all installation, maintenance, and service calls for all Hot Tubs Port Jefferson, trust the pros! With Hot Tub Factory, you can relax while we do all the work! Check out our user-friendly website and fill out a service request. One of our knowledgeable staff members will be glad to send our service techs right over! Our showroom is located at: 1601 Lakeland Avenue Bohemia, New York 11716. From Monday through Saturday, we’re open from 10 AM to 6 PM at night. Give us a call today at (631) 468-8827 for any other questions!