Common myths about a hot tub tend to frighten potential customers. But we at The Hot Tub Factory are here to give you peace of mind when it comes to those myths.

One example of a common concern (which during these times is completely understandable), is owning and running a hot tub during the winter will cost you an arm and a leg.

This one is true if you have a lesser-quality hot tub. Our hot tubs – Old Westbury that we carry at The Hot Tub Factory located in Bohemia are among the most energy efficient in the world.

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We have accomplished this with a few steps; the main one however is the full foam insulation we use. This traps the heat causing the water temperature to maintain a nice number.

The temperature will drop by one degree every day once the hot tub has been turned off, how does that sound for an energy saver?

Another common concern that we can prove a myth is you will have to run plumbing lines in your yard. Not if you get a hot tub from us. Our hot tubs are fully self-contained units. All equipment is located within the cabinet of the tub.

All you need to do is hook up the electricity, fill it with a hose, and turn it on. Many think that a hot tub is unsanitary. This is the biggest myth of them all. A hot tub is more sanitary than a pool, because the filtration system is not much smaller than a pool, yet its handles much less water…400 gallons versus tens of thousands.

There are many different methods for keeping the water sanitized. The most common is chlorine or bromine. Salt sanitation systems have become very popular in the pool scene. We at The Hot Tub Factory are the only ones on Long Island to offer this for hot tubs.

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Our hot tubs – Old Westbury that we have to offer you come with great benefits. They outweigh all the common fears one naturally has with such a permanent purchase. The health benefits alone can convince a skeptic.

It has been proven that owning a hot tub. Joint and muscle pain sufferers have felt relief after using their hot tub. Studies have been conducted with evidence that leads to the conclusion of relief. Arthritis sufferers as well as back pain have been part of the studies.

Type 2 diabetics have been using “Hot Tub Therapy” as a source to lower their blood sugar levels and it has improved sleeping patterns. Our website provides more information regarding the myths and benefits of a hot tub.

If you are at all interested in owning a hot tub or a spa after reading about the debunked myths and gratifying benefits give us a call at 631-HOT-TUBS. Or visit our website for more info. We are offering appointments for virtual tours of our showroom for the safety of our customers and staff members. However, if you feel comfortable coming down to conduct a walk through our showroom is open. We are taking all the proper precautions at this time to protect all that walk in.

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