The purpose of The Hot Tub Factory located at 1601 Lakeland Ave Bohemia NY, is to showcase the amazing perks of owning a hot tub. Hot Tubs – Oceanside, have become a growing commodity for not just therapeutic use but leisure as well.

Haven’t you ever secretly wanted to be the popular one in your group? Owning a hot tub may help that. People love the idea of a hot tub but are too nervous and skeptical about the cost and purchase of one.

The Hot Tub Factory owners Mike and Norm make it a point to educate our customers on not just the history of a hot tub but the maintenance and upkeep of them as well. We do not want you to feel like you are just another sale to us because you truly are not.

Our reputation and recommendations are far more important to us than a sale. If the time frame just isn’t for you, no worries! We will never push you to do something you just do not feel is right at that moment. Just as long as you keep us in the back of your head when you do feel it is the right moment is all we need.

Get Hot Deals On Hot Tubs In Oceanside

We wouldn’t want you to walk out of the showroom feeling discouraged or unhappy or even let down. We will take as much time with you to go over every detail regarding the care, use, and deals we have for the hot tubs we offer. If you are interested in just the idea of learning about Hot Tubs – Oceanside please visit our website and browse our offered services. If for whatever reason you do not see the answer you were searching for, call us to speak to one of our educated team members and ask!

The Hot Tub Factory also offers rental hot tubs. Yes, rental hot tubs. You can rent a hot tub for many reasons such as family gatherings or entertainment purposes, or just a weekend staycation at home. You can even use this time for a trial run to see if a hot tub is a great extension to your home.

More than likely you will fall in love with the idea of owning one. But a positive to renting one is that you don’t have to worry about the care of us all year old. Our website has more information regarding renting a hot tub.

Find Hot Tubs For Sale Near Oceanside

Give us a call to set up a walk-through of our showroom and be wowed by what we have to offer. With all that is going on though, we are more than understanding of the concerns you and many others feel regarding exposure which is why we have been offering private one-on-one tours of the showroom and even virtual tours.

Just let us know which you prefer and we will go ahead and set it up with you. We are just a click away or a phone call away!

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