The Hot Tub Factory located on Lakeland Avenue in Bohemia offers you a variety of Hot Tubs in Montauk. We carry name brands such as Jacuzzi, Dimension One Spa, and Clearwater Spas.

We are open Monday thru Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm and are closed on Sundays. We can help you to accommodate your schedule by arranging personalized after-hours availability. Just give us a call at 631 468-8827 for an appointment.

Here, at the Hot Tub Factory, we have helped provide our customers with affordable ready-to-use hot tubs that bring them comfort and joy. Whether you are searching for the convenience of home hot tubbing due to sports injuries, or sleeping disorders or you just want to dispel the stress of the day come and see how we can give your home a spa-like atmosphere.

Hot Tubs For Sale In Montauk

You may be thinking “hot tubs cost too much to run”. That is a myth can we can explain. Hot Tubs Montauk has come a long way baby. They are not the old motor cumbersome units of those bygone days. They are now made with better insulation, and top-rated covers, and are more energy efficient in general. Why not come down to the Hot Tub Factory and check out the plethora of models we have for you to choose from?

The Hot Tub Factory has been helping its clients choose the best styles and models to fit their home, budget, and their friends. You know, once you have a hot tub, everyone will suddenly want to take a dip! What a way to bring in the New Year! We also carry a line of Saunas for that in-home spa experience. The Hot Tub Factory also provides service and maintenance for any product that we sell.

We do not offer you a third-party provider of these services, we have our technicians on the road ready to assist with your call. We also carry a full line of filters, chemicals, and accessories for Hot Tubs Montauk.

Find Local Hot Tubs in Montauk

Come down today and see how we can help enhance your life with a brand-new and economic hot tub. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and are featured on “Home Advisor” for our service availability. There is no place like home….especially when you have a hot tub. For more information, please browse through our offered services.

Some gyms cost over $50.00 a month per person. You can own a brand-new hot tub for less than that and never have to trudge out into the inclement weather to enjoy it. Hot Tubs Montauk usually increases the value of your home as well. Delivery is included in your purchase so come on down to the Hot Tub Factory and make a health-benefiting decision to purchase one of our jetted Hot Tubs Montauk. Choose from an array of models some with lounges, lights, and ample space for the entire family.

I’m guessing you will be happy that you did! Call us here at the Hot Tub Factory at 631 468-8827 to arrange for after-hours showroom access if necessary.