Hot Tubs Myths, Solved By The Hot Tub Factory

There are many myths regarding owning and maintaining Hot Tubs Mineola. Well, we here at The Hot Tub Factory located in Bohemia and now located in Bellmore on Sunrise HWY are going to show you just how wrong those myths are.

Myth number one:

“Hot Tubs are not sanitary”. This could not be farther from the truth. A hot tub is more sanitary than a pool. This is because the filtration system is not much smaller than a pool, but it handles less water.

400 gallons worth of water compared to the tens of thousands with a pool. The most common form of keeping the water sanitized is chlorine or bromine. Our Hot Tubs Mineola, come with an FDA-approved purification system that will allow 90% of the water chemically free.

We also offer a salt sanitation system. This is extremely popular in pools and has become popular with hot tubs as well.

Little fact for us at The Hot Tub factory, we are the only factory on Long Island that has the salt sanitation system to be offered for hot tubs. To learn more about our filtration system visit our hot tub services portal page.

Myth number 2:

“The more jets the better”. No, if you take notice of a hot tub with over 80 jets you will notice a significant size difference. The more jets you have for your hot tub the more annoying it will be on your skin also the less room you have on the shell for a flat surface. The sole purpose of the jets is to give you a therapeutic massage.

In our hot tubs, the jets are specifically sized and arranged to hit each muscle differently because each muscle reacts differently. If you are curious about this please do not hesitate to call.

Myth number 3:

“It is not cost-efficient to run the hot tub during the winter”. This one CAN be true depending on where you go looking for hot tubs Mineola. Rest assured a purchased hot tub at The Hot Tub Factory will prove to you why this one is a myth.

Our hot tubs are made with a specific sort of foam to help keep the heat in as opposed to the competitors. 84 % of the heat that is generated by the filters is heating the water, giving you free heat. Also, you can shut off the hot tub, our tubs are designed to drop just one degree every day it is off. This means less electricity being used until you want your hot tub warmer.

Hot Tub Jacuzzis in Mineola

There are several more myths that we will gladly debunk for you. Just give us a call at 631-468-8827 or visit our website. You will be surprised by the amount of information you will learn about hot tubs by simply scrolling through the page. Be sure to schedule a walk-through for our showroom so we can amaze you even more.

Looking to purchase Hot Tubs in Locust Valley? We proudly serve all of Long Island. Refer to the hot tub experts at The Hot Tub Factory!