Imagine working a long, strenuous day only to come home, plop on the couch, and turn the TV into a state of numbness, knowing that you’ve got to do it all again tomorrow.

NOW imagine, that you have a beautiful hot tub to come home to after your workday. You put down your belongings, slip outside into the darkness underneath the stars, and into the tub where pulsating jets gently massage your daily aches and pains.

Your skin is soothed by a pool of hot water, swirling and whirling you into a state of complete peace and rejuvenation. As you lie back on your comfy headrest pillow, you admire the stars in a state of mind that feels otherworldly, pulling you out of your normal routine if only for a moment.

Studies have proven that hot tubs are a form of mental, emotional, and physical therapy for all walks of life. From the buoyancy of the water that makes you feel weightless, to the warmth of the water and jets working together to release the tension on your nerves and joints, hot tubs are an amazing source of healing injuries, sleep deprivation, arthritis, cardiac health issues, and more.

We want to offer you the immense properties of healing that our hot tubs Merrick have to offer.

Along with many health benefits, having a hot tub gives you a new atmosphere to entertain your guests, and to spend time with the family who may be running in all different directions during the day. Owning a hot tub allows you to slow down and savor moments with the people you love, while also appreciating the gift of life and downtime you deserve from a hectic schedule.

At The Hot Tub Factory, we believe that we can find the perfect tub for you and your loved ones. Our professionals can answer all of your questions, ones that could be answered ambiguously anywhere else. When you purchase a tub from us, you can have the peace of mind knowing that we will evaluate your yard, help you choose the best option for you, handle all of the installations and walk you through the maintenance process of keeping your tub sanitized and adjusted at the perfect levels for you.

Our energy-efficient hot tubs Merrick save you money, are completely self-contained and operated, use a patented and FDA-approved sanitization system that makes sure your tub is 90% chemical-free, and will only cost you at most, 2-minutes of your time per week to maintain chlorine levels.

Owning a hot tub doesn’t have to mean a high electric bill or a frustrating multi-step process of maintenance. We have confidence that our small motor-powered hot tubs save you money per month at $25 to $30, as opposed to other companies who charge between $80 and $100 monthly. One fallacy regarding purchasing a hot tub is that you need more horsepower for better jet circulation. This is not true! Our pumps are plumbed efficiently to ensure there is no wasted energy or horsepower. This means a smaller more efficient pump that gives you more jet power than our competitors.

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If you’d like to learn a bit more about our hot tubs Merrick products and services, rentals, frequently asked questions, and other resources, check out our user-friendly website today! We would love to give you an evaluation of your yard and help you find the best hot tub for you and your loved ones.