Why should you choose The Hot Tub Factory for your next hot tub purchase?

Our mission is for everyone to find relaxation & achieve optimal health and wellness. At The Hot Tub Factory, we want every person we come in contact with to be blown away by our professionalism, caring attitude & integrity as we help you find the right tub for you and your family!

All of our hot tubs have full-foam insulation with high-quality covers that seal tightly to maintain your hot tub’s temperature and protect it from dirt and debris fallout. Our expertly-engineered plumbing allows for smaller motors that draw less energy, yet pump almost twice the volume of gallons per minute than other standard tubs, giving you free heat and a much lower monthly cost on your electric bill, than any other hot tubs Manhasset company can provide. With amazing deals and low maintenance, our finely crafted jacuzzi hot tubs are the perfect addition to your yard, through all the seasons!

If you don’t want to make a full commitment to purchasing a hot tub, we also offer hot tub rentals in the tri-state area, including Suffolk County, Nassau County, New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Long Island. We know it’s not a party without a hot tub! Visit our website for a free evaluation where we can discuss different weekend/weekly, monthly, and seasonal options for you to get the most out of a hot tub rental.

Find Hot Tubs Near Manhasset, NY

Our spas use the most efficient energy systems on the market! That means you’ll not only have the relaxation of pulsating jets at your disposal every day, but you will also save much more every month than you would going anywhere else for your purchase. You will only pay between $25 and $30, unlike most hot tubs that cost between $80 and $200 per month to operate.

Why are our rates so cheap?

  • Full-foam insulation, which locks heat into your hot tub when you aren’t using it.
  • High-density foam covers, custom made to fit tight around the edges.
  • 85% of heat generated by the pumps is returned to the water, so you’re getting free heat!
  • Filtration, heating and sanitation is driven by a low-power, 98 watt circulation pump
  • Expertly engineered and plumbed so that the pumps are best utilized in a practical way, ensuring that there is no wasted energy or horsepower. This means a smaller more efficient pump that gives you more jet power than our competitors, saving you a ton of money every month on an item that will truly increase your quality of life for decades to come.

We warn you beforehand: once you sit in a Jacuzzi hot tub – you won’t want to get out! Each seat is designed to support your body evenly, with correct posture and comfort. You will be fully immersed in the water, so your whole body can feel the incredible benefits of massage. From deep recessed jets to adjustable headrest pillows, you will truly melt into a feeling of absolute peace.

Hot Tubs Services & Maintenance Available In Manhasset

Our hot tubs use a three-stage, top to bottom cleaning process. The water never stops circulating due to the ProStream filtration pump, which moves 35 gallons per minute. First, the water surface is cleaned by the ProClear skimmer, then it goes thru the ProClarity filtration system, which itself is a two-stage filtration process.

There’s also a filter inlet in the footwell, so any sand or particles on the bottom get sucked out. Lastly, the patented, FDA approved CLEARRAY Water Purification System will sanitize your water, so you use virtually no chemicals!

So now that you know about our pricing, high-quality efficiency, and sanitization process…what are you waiting for?! Let’s jumpstart the process of finding your perfect hot tub today! We can give you a virtual consultation anytime, and walk you through the steps of discovering the best option for you.

Visit our website for more resources, FAQs, product listings, rental info, and much more. We are the specialists of hot tubs Manhasset!