Have you during the summer taken a look at your backyard and thought “I have everything needed but something is missing” and then you started to search on the web what other home owners backyards look like. Did you notice that they may have a pool, or a trampoline, or an out door kitchen? What about hot tubs – Malverne? Did you notice them?

Hot tubs have been very popular over the course of the years. They are fairly priced (depending on where you go) and reliable (also depending on where you go).

The Hot Tub Factory located in Bohemia NY, has all your hot tub needs including the fairly priced and reliable aspect of it.

We offer great deals such as 0% APR for the first 60 months of any new hot tub or spa. Our website hosts our annual sales and deals.

Get Hot Deals On Hot Tubs In Malverne

Come take a look to see what we are offering this time around by simply going to the “Hot Tub” drop down and clicking on “Hot Deals”. While you are on our webpage take around, check out our back story with regards to Mike and Norm who are the owners of The Hot Tub Factory.

They sort the company out in 2007 and have been growing the business ever since making it one of Long Islands and New York’s leading hot tub retailer with specializing in Jacuzzi Brand Hot Tubs.

We also offer what we like to call our “Permission to RELAX” guarantee. The agreement we set forth with this is what separates us from the competitors. You can view our guarantee on our website as well. The experienced and well educated staff we have at The Hot Tub Factory strive off of our reputation and recommendations; where as other facilities will rather the sale.

Our goal is to simply have you relaxed during the course of this purchase and beyond. We will be with you every step of the way even after delivery and set up. We pride ourselves in knowing we are doing good for the people that purchase one of our hot tubs – Malverne.

We love the feed back from the owners, which you can also view on our website under the “About Us” drop down and click on “Customer Reviews”.

With all that is going on now a days relaxing in one of our energy saving hot tubs should sound like heaven. Yes the weather is changing but that should not stop you from enjoying a relaxation you will experience in the hot tub during the evenings or weekends. One of the greater benefits of owning a hot tub is the time frame you will have with your family.

Find Hot Tubs For Sale Near Malverne

Even though you spent most of the year with them, a hot tub is a great downtime for you and your family. You will not have to hear that the kids or bored or screaming at each other. The hot tub will relax even the most rambunctious one of the bunch. Call us today 631-HOT-TUBS to talk to one of our representatives to schedule a consultation.

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