Did you know that the original hot tub jacuzzi was created to be a therapeutic option to help treat rheumatoid arthritis?

In 1956, the toddler son of Candido Jacuzzi was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis which led to Candido and his brother Giocondo to create a jet specifically designed to be submerged into a bathtub to provide hydrotherapy treatments.

To this day Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Kings Point are still used for this purpose. By popular belief though it has been thought that they are only for the rich and famous. This is certainly not the case at all.

The Hot Tub Factory located on Sunrise HWY in Bellmore and Lakeland Ave in Bohemia have proudly stood by the sells of the Jacuzzi to help treat any ailments you may be suffering from. Our website has a list of the benefits of owning a hot tub, and it isn’t all for show.

Simply visit the page and you will find the list under “about Hot Tubs”. There will be a drop-down menu, just click “Hot Tub Benefits” and the list will appear with a brief summary to back up the claims.

Hot Tub Jacuzzis in Kings Point

The team at The Hot Tub Factory will treat you with respect and never try to make you feel obligated to purchase one of our Hot Tubs Kings Point. We do not believe in that. When you walk into our showroom we want you to feel relaxed and at ease with a clear head.

Or at least we are here to help you get there. Not sure what sort of Hot Tub in Nassau County you may be searching for? Not a problem, our licensed and professional consultants are waiting patiently to help you.

Just fill us in on your thoughts and plans and we will guide you in the proper direction.  We will show you all your options based on your goals, and also recommendations on what will suit your style the best. Of course, the final decision is strictly yours, we are merely here as your go-to people.

Some families would rather a pool over a hot tub. Which is completely understandable. Though, a pool unless heated which is astronomically expensive, only 3-4 months out of the year and you aren’t always able to enjoy it anyway. Whereas a hot tub can be used all year long.

Day and night. The only time we do not recommend the use of Hot Tubs Kings Point is during a thunderstorm. The maintenance is also low compared to a pool.  It is also cost-efficient. If you visit our website you can find out how so, and just the same with the benefits, only it is under “Hot Tub Myths”. You will be able to view a list of the myths we have heard about owning a hot tub.

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If you have any questions or are interested in a viewing of our showroom please do not hesitate on giving us a call. Our customer service reps are here Monday – Saturday from 10AM to 6PM.  Ask about our private viewings if you prefer to be in a less of a crowd situation, we will gladly work with you and your schedule to set this up.

Looking to purchase Hot Tubs in Franklin Square? We proudly serve all of Long Island. Refer to the hot tub experts at The Hot Tub Factory!

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