Do you have an interest in hot tubs in Port Washington? Have you ever wondered about renting a hot tub instead of buying one? The Hot Tub Factory in Bellmore can solve that problem for you. Our showroom is located at 609 Sunrise Hwy in Bellmore. Come down during our hours of operation to take a look at what you can rent.

Yes, that’s right. You are fully capable of renting a hot tub! We have made it simple for you to enjoy all the benefits of a hot tub at half the cost of renting one. You can have it dropped off when you want to use it and picked up when you’re finished.

Get The Best Hot Tub Deals in Port Washington – Long Island

It is that simple. Planning a gathering and want to impress your guest this summer, but are not looking for the big investment yet of buying a hot tub? The hot tub you can rent from The Hot Tub Factory is not blow-up tubs or soft tubs, they are real hot tubs.

You will enjoy ergonomically molded seating, a bio-comfort lounge seat, and medically approved therapeutic jets. Our packages range from weekend rentals to monthly rentals with weekly in between. If this is something you are interested in please give us a call at 631-468-8827 and one of our representatives will gladly provide you with more information on our deals and policies for a rental and get you going in the right direction.

Experience This Wonderful Whirlpool, In Your Backyard

Renting a hot tub would be a great way to determine whether you would be interested in owning one. If this does seem like a good trial run for hot tubs in Port Washington, then great! We at The Hot Tub Factory are here to help with your pursuit of a hot tub. We understand the fear of pricing and the long-term effect it may have on your bills.

But we are here to share with you information that other companies are not willing to go over. For example, we will share with you the differences in the sizing and how that will affect your electric bill. Which may only be a couple of dollars. We carry cost-efficient hot tubs to help eliminate your worry about a higher bill. For more information on how we accomplish this visit the “About Hot Tubs” area on our website and click on “Hot Tub Questions”. Once there, click on “How much will it cost me to run?”, there you will be provided the answer.

Find Hot Tub Jacuzzis For Sale Near Port Washington – New York

If you are interested in hot tubs in Port Washington and the surrounding area, The Hot Tub Factory located at 609 Sunrise Hwy in Bellmore is the place to turn to for all your hot tub needs. Our staff is amazing and highly respected when it comes to the ability to provide you with the answers you are searching for.

Give us a call today at 631-468-8827 to further discuss your options on renting a hot tub and or if you just have questions about owning a hot tub.