In 2005, The Hot Tub Factory made its opening debut and then in 2007 it switched hands to Norm and Mat and since then it has been thriving. There is a good chance that the Hot Tubs in Garden City were purchased at our factory.

The most popular hot tub to date is the Jacuzzi, which started it all. One of the children of the founders was diagnosed with painful rheumatoid arthritis, and that led to the quick thinking of hydrotherapy treatments.

To accomplish this, they designed a pump, the J-300, that could be submerged in a bathtub. Hense the creation of the hot tub. This started a trend of muscle therapy being performed by the hot tub.

Which is one of the many benefits of owning a hot tub.

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If you are concerned about pricing and affordability, The Hot Tub Factory is one of the most honest and trustworthy companies you can ever work with. We go out of our way to make sure you are satisfied with the products you purchase from us and how we market our products for affordability falls into that category.

With our incredible deals and hard to resist offers, it is nearly impossible for you to not be able to afford one of our hot tubs in Garden City. Take a look at our “Permission to relax” Guarantee; this allows you up to 6 months from the date of delivery to enjoy your hot tub, and if at any point in that time frame you want to exchange it for a new one, you are able to!

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Just call us up and request an exchange with a different model or make and we have got you covered. The Guarantee also gives you 60 days from the date of delivery to return the hot tub for your money back.

Another bonus with this: if it does not satisfy you with the location of your hot tub with in 12 months of ownership, we will gladly come down and move it for you to another spot, which includes a new home if you are relocating! What other hot tub dealer has that to offer?

Our policies are set up for you to be able to not have to have any more concerns than you already do. The hot tubs in Garden City relax you and ease your mind from all stressors you have had during the day. Ask about our incredible service repair and maintenance.

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We try our best to make sure that you do not need to call us multiple times for repairs or for the upkeep. Also, our price ranges are fair because we do not outsource anything we use. Our team will gladly sit with you and discuss even more debunked myths and also answer any questions you may have for us. Simply give us a call at 631-468-8827.

You are also welcome to set up an appointment to come down to our showroom for a walk through and tour, where all questions can be answered as well while you take a look at what we have to offer you. Everything we bring is from our building. We even have our own service van and equipment. This is to ensure the job is done correctly and accountability is held in one place as opposed to multiple locations.

The Hot Tub Factory is open Monday – Saturday from 10AM to 6PM and closed on Sundays.

We hope you come down to take a walk through of our beautifully laid out show room so you can get a feel of what your backyard may look like.