Did you know that Long Island chose The Hot Tub Factory as their top choice in all Hot Tubs Huntington companies? We sell the most popular and the most top-of-the-line brands so you can enjoy the best hot tub!

We are the top Long Island Jacuzzi brand dealer to purchase from as well! Social and private, fun and relaxing, Jacuzzi completely satisfies and leaves you wanting more. Known for innovation, Jacuzzi is the company that started the modern hot tub industry.

We choose to sell these Hot Tubs Huntington also because they are energy efficient! In an ever-growing green-conscious society, energy efficiency for all parts of your home is vital.

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We don’t believe that this should stop at your hot tub! Our spas only use $25 – $30 of energy, unlike most hot tubs that cost $80 – $200 per month to operate. This is because of many factors such as foam insulation, high-density foam covers, and expert engineering. All spas have full foam insulation, which locks in the heat.

High-density foam covers are custom-made for each tub to fit tight around the edges. 85% of the heat generated by the pumps is returned to the water, so you’re getting free heat. Filtration, heating, and sanitation are all driven by a low-power, 98-watt circulation pump. You’ll be saving money at every dip in your hot tub!

Our Hot Tubs Huntington are expertly engineered and plumbed so that the pumps ensure that there is no wasted energy or horsepower. This means that a smaller, more efficient pump will give you more jet power than our competitors. Jacuzzi hot tubs, specifically, have patented jets that other brands can’t compete with either! Their patented jets spin without bearings, which means they’ll spin forever, unlike bearing jets that can stick over time.

The massage they give you is unlike any other. Once you feel a Jacuzzi jet, you’ll never want anything else. Come check out the PowerPro MX Jets and the premium FX2 Spinners but don’t miss the FX10 Therapy Seat!

Convenience sophisticated yet simple, our water management system is truly designed for ease of use and exceptional purification performance. Utilizing CLEARRAY® technology and up to five stages of water treatment, simply, Jacuzzi® brand technology makes it easy to maintain clean and clear water. The CLEARRAY® Water Purification System offers clean and clear water.

Using UV-C technology to neutralize waterborne pathogens and reduce the amount of sanitizer you use, maintaining clean, fresh, clear water has never been easier. CLEARRAY® comes standard on all models and requires a simple annual bulb change.

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There are many benefits to the CLEARRAY purification system of your Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Huntington purchase.

These benefits include: the treatment of 99.9% of waterborne pathogens, virtually eliminating chemical usage, and durable stainless steel and quartz components. It also utilizes UV-C light technology. What is UV-C light, you ask?

It’s part of the sun’s electromagnetic spectrum that interacts with the DNA of bacteria and viruses to destroy their reproduction. It doesn’t require chemicals, or any by-products to your water, and doesn’t generate ozone. UV-C light has been used for many years as a reliable water disinfectant. It is used in the bottling, beverage, food, healthcare, and aquarium industries, and even in water treatment plants.

Be sure to check out our Hot Tubs Huntington website. If you purchase a Jacuzzi brand hot tub from us, you’ll receive a coupon for $500 off your purchase! We also offer 0% financing and we will give you a free consultation! Our showroom can be found at 1601 Lakeland Avenue Bohemia, New York 11716 and we’re open 6 days a week. From Monday through Saturday, we are open from 10 AM to 6 PM and other hours are by appointment only. Call today at (631) 468-8827 to find out how we can save you money for your new Jacuzzi!