Money is tight nowadays. It leads to unwanted and unnecessary stress. Hot tubs – Glen Head has been proven to relieve stress and send you into a Zen-like state. Let’s face it we all need and justifiably deserve, right?

The Hot Tub Factory located at 1601 Lakeland Ave Bohemia NY is the best hot tub facility for you to come to visit to choose your hot tub.

We not only have hot tubs – Glen Head but we have everything that you would need for your perfect backyard set up for an outdoor living. Such as backyard kitchens, pergolas, BBQs and all the accessories, fire tables, and patio furniture!

Like previously stated money is tight, and we here at The Hot Tub Factory are more than understanding of that which is why we have such amazing deals and offers throughout the year. To view what we are offering now, visit our offered services. Plus while you are there just take a few moments to browse the site.

Get Hot Deals On Tubs Near Glen Head

There is bound to be something there that catches your eye with what you have in mind for your desired hot tub. Along with the great deals take a look at the 0% financing we offer. Plus our “permission to RELAX” guarantee. In short, this promises money back in the first 6 months of the delivery and set up a date. Exchange if you are not satisfied also within the first 6 months and a free move to a new location in the first year of ownership.

Our goal is to educate our clients on what they are getting themselves into. It sounds intimating but it truly isn’t. The maintenance and upkeep of your spa are simple and fairly inexpensive. On our website we have an area designated for this, it is full of tips and how-tos.

If you have further questions related to the maintenance do not hesitate to call us. One of our experienced and friendly staff members will gladly answer any question you have. The best part of the maintenance is that you do not have to do it yourself if you don’t feel comfortable. The Hot Tub Factory has trained experts to do it for you!

Go to the website and click on the drop link for “Hot Tub Services and Repairs”. It will provide you with a list of the types of hot tubs we can repair, but do not worry if you do not see your brand on the list. Call us and ask if we offer the services for your brand. Chances are we do.

Hot Tubs For Sale In Glen Head

The Hot Tub Factory was formed with the main goal of making sure you stay relaxed and healthy. During this time we have opened the showroom for the viewing of our entire inventory. However, we respect the concerns of clients and offer a virtual tour by appointment or a one-on-one walk-through by appointment. You make call us to set either of those up. 631-468-8827 or you can send us an email. The information is on our website!

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