The Hot Tub Factory located at 1601 Lakeland Ave Bohemia NY was sort out by two best friends, Mike and Norm. In 2005 The Hot Tub Factory was opened and by 2007 Mike and Norm gained ownership. In just a few short years they were able to grow the company to become the leading hot tub retailer in New York, specializing in Jacuzzi Brand Hot Tubs.

You may have many questions regarding hot tubs – East Rockaway. That’s understandable. There are no wrong or silly questions. Own such a product comes with a great deal of responsibility.

One must be committed to such a purchase in order to maintain the proper care of your new hot tub. Mike and Norm went into this business with the mind set of helping all of the customers understand everything there is to know about hot tubs and spas.

Their main goal with The Hot Tub Factory is to help others improve their health and life style. Customers have stayed in contact to share their stories with us with how satisfying it is to own one of our hot tubs – East Rockaway.

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Some questions we have been asked over the several years of being in business are normally basic questions with simple and helpful answers. We unlike many leading competitors are upfront and honest with all of our customers. The most common question is normally regarding cost of not just the product but to maintain year round.

There are many lesser quality tubs on the market that will easily cost over $100/month to run. However, our tubs are among the most energy efficient in the world. Our tubs are built with full foam insulation, just like a commercial freezer. And like a commercial freezer it tramps the temperature. Only difference is the tub traps the hot temperature were as the freezer traps the cold. Which is beneficial cost wise because you can shut off your tub during the winter for energy saving and the temperature will only drop 1 degree per day. 84% of the heat that is generated by the pumps gets transferred into the water which helps with the heating of the water.

Another question we have been asked at The Hot Tub Factory is “where should I put the hot tub?” The location is very important actually. Would you want to try to relax with your hot tub near your fence closest to your road? We always suggest taking lawn chairs and place them around your yard in locations that you may feel you would want it to be. Sit in each of the chairs and look up at the sky.

Silly sounding absolutely, but if you can see the sky clearly in any of the locations you are testing, that will be the best spot for it. Little clean up based off leaves and any other environmental droppings that fall into pools.

But we also recommend the closer to your home the better. It may look pleasing to have it farther during the summer but during the winter do you want to run dripping wet back inside at a farther distance in 22 degrees? Probably not.

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Check out our website! Where we have more information for you related to any questions you have. If you don’t see your question though you may email us with it and we will gladly get back to you in a timely manner. Or give us a call, 631-HOT-TUBS. It’s that simple of a number.

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