Many hot tub companies have nothing unique to offer, so they try to impress you by stuffing 150 jets into their tubs. Once you understand what the jets are there for, you’ll realize how silly that is.

The purpose of the jets is to massage your muscles. Nothing more, nothing less. With that in mind, more jets means absolutely nothing. In fact, there’s only so much room on the shell to put jets, so the more jets, the smaller they need to be to fit! You’ll notice that tubs with 80, 100, or even more jets tend to have little tiny jets which are quite annoying when they’re hitting your skin. Each muscle in your body responds differently, and requires different types of pressure.

In our hot tubs, each seat has a specific therapeutic purpose, and each jet is specially sized and placed to hit a certain muscle the way it needs to be hit, so you get the therapy you’re looking for. So don’t worry about how many jets our tubs have, just know that they were built to give you the massage of your life!