More horsepower means a bigger electric bill! That’s all it means. Many hot tub companies put massive motors in their tubs…5, 6 or even 7hp. Notice we didn’t say massive pumps….we said massive motors.

A hot tub pump consists of an electric motor, which spins an impeller in the wet end, which pushes the water. Like all electric motors, their strength is rated in horsepower. For some reason, many hot tub companies decided to focus on this rating as though it makes a difference in your massage. If the tub is engineered properly, it shouldn’t take alot of horsepower to push the water.

With that in mind, what you’re really looking for in a pump is not the horsepower of the motor, but the water volume output of the wet end, which is measured in gallons-per-minute (GPM). That’s what you’re feeling on your back when you’re in your tub. Our pumps push 170GPM, which is almost twice the industry average of

80 – 110. The plumbing in our tubs is designed and engineered so that we can use less horsepower (less electric bill!), while delivering massive water flow to the jets.