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Customer Testimonials
John & Theresa D., Oakdale
“Norm & Mike…….sorry we would have emailed you sooner but we just got out of the tub. We are going in every night and we are staying in for hours and loving every minute!!!!!!!!!!”
Eric & Fara M., Holbrook
“We were looking at the cheap tubs at Costco but heard many bad things about them; such as bad energy efficiency and subpar quality. I guess you get what you pay for! Spending the little extra on a quality D1 tub was worth every penny.”
John & Jennifer S., Patchogue
“We wanted to make sure we would get the best value for our money with the longest life span. We looked at hot tubs with TV’s, speakers, waterfalls, mermaids painted on the floor and every other thing you could imagine. We looked at every price range including internet based companies that were a quarter of the price of what we inevitably spent. After going to every hot tub store within fifty miles we decided on a Dimension One hot tub. Everything that was told to us was true!”
Rob & Lauren H., Islip
“We love the hot tub all year long. We are just beginning to invite friends over and I am sure in time we will be recommending a handful of new customers in your direction. We have also enjoyed The Hot Tub Factory before and after the purchase. This means a great deal to customers like us.”
Joe & Marianne A., Medford
“Your friendly service and advice whenever I come in for supplies made this purchase one of the best investments I have ever made.”
Rich & Pam C., Medford
“Your knowledge about Dimension One Spas and how they differ from other brands was incredible. You answered all of my questions (and I had a lot of them!), and understood what I was looking for in a hot tub. After all of my research, it’s easy to understand that all hot tubs are NOT created equal.”
Cindy R., Woodbury
“Surprising my husband with our Dimension One hot tub from The Hot Tub Factory for our 25th wedding anniversary was possibly the “best gift I could ever have received”, he said. It was an investment well worth it. We’ve had a lot of fun drinking wine late at night with nobody around and have had a blast with our friends on the coldest of days and the most beautiful summer nights.”
Christiane M., E. Northport
“Thank you for a great hot tub. We love it and use it 2 or 3 times a week, usually after work in the evening. Its great relaxing together and we have arranged it in our greenhouse where we can feel like we’re outside while protected and private. The maintenance is very easy.”
Paul & Margaret K., Seaford
“Price and energy efficiency were concerns to us. But that really is not a factor. My LIPA is only about $40 more a month!”
Cindy R., Woodbury
“I found The Hot Tub Factory practically by accident and never regretted it. Norm and Mike are knowledgeable and well trained by the vendors they represent. I was taught all I needed to know and still, one year later, will call with questions when I’m not sure what to do. Susan is always patient with me. Get your own tub, the water is beautiful!”
Paul & Margaret K., Seaford
“The jets are perfectly placed to work each part of your body from head to toe. The pressure controls let you choose your best comfort zone. But really, the true test is after you have been in this spa you sleep like a baby! If you have a chill in your bones after being out in the cold NY air -get in your amore bay -your chill is gone!”
Paul & Margaret K., Seaford
“Price and energy efficiency were concerns to us. But that really is not a factor. My LIPA is only about $40 more a month!”
Paul & Margaret K., Seaford
We use our hot tub 3-4 times a week. We love the way it calms and de-stresses after a long day at work. We did our homework before choosing the Dimension One Amore Bay. We have and would recommend it to anyone looking for a spa that gives you instant relaxation.”
David P., Middle Island
“I go in it almost every night & it really makes my back muscles feel great. I had back surgery & I feel the hot tub really helped with my recovery. I also wanted to thank you guys again. I had an issue with my pump & when I contacted you guys someone was here the next day & resolved the issue.”
– Larry S., Holbrook
“In all, a very good investment and my wife enjoys the quiet time we spend together, late at night, under a clear, starry sky!”
Kevin E., Roslyn
“Your product is great as was the price and the service. I strongly recommend The Hot Tub Factory.”
Eric & Fara M., Holbrook
We use our hot tub about 5 times per week. When I am in it, I feel like I am on vacation!! It is the best feeling to be in 104 degree water when it is 30 degrees outside. It is much cheaper than a pool, and you can use it year round; so it is a no-brainer to choose this over a pool. Perhaps in the future I can upgrade to a swim spa.”
Larry S., Holbrook
“I use my Jacuzzi Hot Tub at least twice daily. I have severe leg and back issues and I receive some very real relief. If I use the tub before bed time, I can get a great night’s sleep.”
Paula S., Farmingdale
“Since I purchased our Clearwater hot tub, I feel like I’m on vacation in my own backyard. Even in the cold weather, it’s a delight to step into pure bliss, an instant “ahhhhh” feeling and a total body water massage setting me up for a great night’s sleep.”
Rich & Pam C., Medford
“I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic experience during my Dimension One purchase. I am one of those people that do my due diligence when making an important purchase. In comparing my visits to many hot tub stores on Long Island, The Hot Tub Factory was, by far, the best!”
Paula S., Farmingdale
“Since I purchased our Clearwater hot tub, I feel like I’m on vacation in my own backyard. Even in the cold weather, it’s a delight to step into pure bliss, an instant “ahhhhh” feeling and a total body water massage setting me up for a great night’s sleep.”
Dennis F., Fire Island
“We’ve had the hot tub for several years now at our vacation house and it works perfectly, we use it several times a week in the summer and drain and winterize it during the off season when we’re not there. Great product!”
John & Jennifer S., Patchogue
“We are really looking forward to the winter because we find we enjoy it most in the cold, especially in the snow. We have started a new tradition on New Years Day: we have no company, plenty of champagne, food and music and we spend the day in the bubbles.”
Don O., Coram
“After falling off a ladder, I just returned to work on full duty. The hot tub has been a Godsend. When I was going to therapy I was sitting in the hot tub for 20 minutes prior, and the therapists all said that was probably the best thing I could have done, plus it made the injuries feel a lot better faster.”
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