Hot Tub Talk

Ways a Hot Tub Improves Your Life

Many hot tub owners swear by the physical, mental and family relationship benefits of their hot tubs. Not only are they great for relieving pain in tendons, muscles and joints, they also provide a time for relaxation. Here are some more ways that owning a hot tub or spa in Long Island can improve yourRead More

Preparing Your Hot Tub for Spring

Many hot tub and spa owners find Spring to be the best time to enjoy a dip in the warm water. Including hot tub maintenance into your Spring Cleaning routine is easy and will help it run efficiently and keep the water clean for months.   Flush, Drain & Refill Use a spa system flushRead More

How to Choose the Right Hot Tub or Spa

Purchasing a spa is an investment that should not be treated lightly. If you need help deciding on the right hot tub or spa, consider these factors that can play a role in which spa you decide on. How many people do you think will use the spa? For many people, soaking in a spaRead More

Hot Tub Water Temperature

Potential hot tub owners should know some of the basics of hot tub temperatures before purchasing and installing one so we are here to help give you some of the basics of hot tub water temperatures that not everyone knows. It is important to know the basics before entering your hot tub because you doRead More

Common Hot Tub Pricing Questions

One of the most common questions we get is “How much does a Jacuzzi Hot Tub cost?” However, hot tub prices may not be as straightforward as you think. Prices are set based on your local market, and of course the model and options you choose. Read on for answers to some common questions thatRead More